Quick Information

Server Stats3x EXP, x3 Resources, 5x Taming
Dino WipeDaily 3am AEST
Server RestartsDaily 3am AEST or Auto Restart for Mod/Server Updates

SlinkArk General Information

  • Cross transfer available between all PvE maps
  • Cluster only available to Steam players
  • Automatic server updates
  • Nightly (3am AEST) maintenance and dino wipes
  • Disabled spawn animations
  • Unlimited mindwipes
  • Water anywhere setting enabled (S+)
  • Wild Dino level 150 (180 for Tek and 192 for Wyverns/Rock Drakes)
  • Max tamed Dino level is 5000
  • Suicide plugin for when you get stuck (type /suicide in normal chat)
  • Dino Tracker plugin (simply type /track [then the dino name])
  • Cross Server Chat plugin (English is to be spoken)
  • No Wander plugin



Structures Plus (S+) 1300713111
Awesome SpyGlass!1404697612
HG Stacking Mod 10000-901083349027
Lethals Reusables1260983937
Dino Storage v21609138312

Advanced Server Settings

Gathering: 3x
XP: 3x
Taming: 5x
Mating Interval: 0.1x
Egg Hatch Speed: 35x
Baby Mature Speed: 15x
Imprint Interval: 0.1x
Cuddle Lost Imprint Quality Speed: 0.1x
Player Food Drain: 0.5x
Player Water Drain: 0.5x
Enable Cave Flying: True
Crop Growth Speed: 5x
Max Players in Tribe: 10
Max Tribes Per Alliance: 10
PvE Allow Tribe War: True
Allow Unlimited Respecs: True
Disable Friendly Fire: True
Allow Flyer Speed Leveling: True